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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Cosmo Associates Tax Corporation (the "Company") available when our customer designated customers in your name, address, telephone number, e-mail contact information they need to address, such as transactions or (hereinafter "Personal Information" is called) to disclose the bon appetit.

We are under the spirit of the Personal Information Protection Law, we handle personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is a promise between you and us concerning the handling of personal information disclosed by the Company.

1.For purposes of personal information

Bon appetit our purposes we use the following personal information.

  1. We will use the contents for the answer to the query.
  2. We use the information for answers to adopt.

2.Management of personal information

We will manage personal information in the following systems.

  1. Internal systems need to improve the privacy laws and guidelines to obtain a written pledge to the effect that the proper handling of personal information from employees.
  2. Only workers who need to be restricted to business use of personal information, such as making the rules for media management and storage of personal information included, we take precautions to protect personal information.

3.For Trustees

Does not provide the information to third parties without your consent.

4.Disclosure of personal

1) We have your consent unless, you do not disclose personal information to third parties.However, if the following scenario is true not only that.

  • If there is a request from public institutions such as courts and police according to law
  • If there are special provisions in the legislation
  • It has physical damage to property and third party your life, if you can not get the consent of the person
  • Notes from action contrary to the terms and conditions and our laws, our rights, we need protection or defense services to the property or, if unable to obtain the consent

2) If there is a request from the disclosure of your personal information will be disclosed only if his identity was confirmed.

  • NOTE: This method of identification
  • What can be proved that the person (driver's license and insurance card) a copy, please mail addressed to your company.
  • Thank you to confirm the contents, as soon as it is clear that identity, we will disclose bon appetit.

5.For questions or suggestions

If you have any questions or feedback, here please contact us.

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